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Be sure to be a part of another exciting year of exceptional guest speakers and additional surprises and special events.      
The Van Cortlandtville Historical Society will host an OPEN HOUSE ON THE FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH, from 2 to 4 p.m., at The Little Red Schoolhouse, 297 Locust Avenue, Cortlandt Manor, New York. 
                                          This event is open free to the public.
Visitors will be given a guided tour of the 19-century one-room schoolhouse, which until the mid-1970s was still functioning as part of the Lakeland Central School District.  The schoolroom and adjoining meeting room of the Society has books, photographs and classroom items dating back to that early era.   Light refreshments will be available.
The Little Red Schoolhouse is located at the north end of Locust Avenue next to Old Saint Peter’s Church and cemetery, just south of Oregon Road in the Town of Cortlandt. 
For more information:  Visit; or, call (914) 736-7868.
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October 18,
General Meeting
Speaker at 2:00 PM
Author Robert Stava
Ghosts & Goblins of Hudson Valley
Topic of Talk by Novelist on Oct. 18
At Van Cortlandtville Historical Society
Ghosts & Goblins of the Hudson Valley will be the topic of a talk by Ossining author and artist Robert Stava on Saturday, October 18, at 2 p.m. at The Little Red Schoolhouse, 297 Locust Avenue, Cortlandt  Manor, New York.  Sponsored by the Van Cortlandville Historical Society, the program is open free to the public.
The author of a series of novels and short stories entitled the “Hudson Horror Series,” Mr. Stava will be presenting for this program an original compilation of his supernatural historical mysteries, mostly set in the imaginary village of Wyvern Falls--- a hard-to-find stop along the Metro North route.   He will illustrate, with on-screen graphics, how he leverages the rich local folklore and history of the
Hudson Valley into his hair-raising tales:  From “The Dunderberg Imp” trolling the mountain bearing its name across from Peekskill Bay; to the exciting escapades of “The Green Man,” as well as some old Indian Legends of the Lenape in and around Croton Point.  His tantalizing treatise will also tell a tale of Major Andre’s ill-fated ride across the Hudson from Haverstraw to Peekskill, before his capture in Tarrytown… and also the truly bizarre visit to Esopus Island by occultist Aleister Crowley in 1918.
Is it just frightening fiction, or historical fact?  Mr. Stava will discuss how, when it comes to writing supernatural fiction based and buried in the Hudson Valley area, one doesn’t have to dig too deep to come up with a good story.  His most recent novel---The Feast of Saint Anne---is the 2 installment in his “Hudson Horror Series.” It includes four novellas---one entitled “The Red Baron’s Daughter”---
which are all linked to the annual summer carnival in Wyvern Falls.  Mr. Stava’s book has found its way into the hands of such eminent authors as Ann Rice and T. Coraghessan  Boyle (who grew up in the Peekskill-Cortlandt area).  It has also been previewed by acclaimed novelist and screenwriter Michael Marshall Smith, who commented: “I loved it …as if I was being pulled into a Ray Bradbury story…something like Boy’s Life.”  Smith is currently in the spotlight with asupernatural series based on his book---The Intruders---airing on BBC America on Saturdays at 10 pm.                                                                                                                                         
Mr. Stava’s first novel, At Van Eyckmann’s Request, was published in 2012. A short story by Mr. Stava, entitled Municipal Lot #9, was recently featured in Sanitarium Magazine.  He is also the author and designer of Combat Recon:  5 Air Force Images from the SW Pacific 1943-45  (Schiffer Publishing, 2007), an historical account based on his great uncle’s service as a combat photographer during World War II.
His newest book---By Summer’s Last Twilight—is due out later this year.  His books, whose striking cover art are all designed by him, will be available for sale and signing at the event.
A trustee of the Ossining Historical Society and member of the Ossining Arts Council, Mr. Stava and his wife, Tomiko, settled in the village in 2010.  Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and studied Fine Arts in college.  As a professional writer and design artist, he had a successful career in advertising with such notable ad agencies as Y&R, and J. Walter Thompson
in New York City.  He then moved up to become a multimedia Art Director, and later, as Creative Director, he ran the 3 Media Group at Arup, an international British-based design and engineering company…before catapulting in 2011 into the wild world of writing and designing horror fiction with an historical twist.  
The Little Red Schoolhouse (the venue for the Oct. 18 program) is located at the north end of Locust Avenue next to Old Saint Peter’s Church and Cemetery, on the hill just south of Oregon Road in the
Town of Cortlandt.  For information, visit:; or, call (914) 736-7868.
                                                  FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 
                                    BOOKS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE
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